"Professional Tour Guide courses"

(P.T.G) Professional Tour Guide courses are designed by the expert, professional, certified tour guides trainer FARAG EL SAYED. These  3 courses are classified into several groups of modules that will together develop the different sides of the character and skills of the tour guide to make him/her start the first day as a tour guide with a confidence of a Professional one.

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History vs culture

Tour guides are not history teachers, In this course you will learn how to tell only the astonishing parts of it.

Past & present

Combine the past with present life, traditions, food, music, and henna tattoos used today in Nubia.

Attitude and behaivier

P.T.G should know that he/she is being watched carefully by the travel agency and tourists, he/she is under the microscope.


Essential courses needed to be

 a professional guide.

الكورسات الأساسية لتصبح مرشد سياحى محترف

Story telling
فـن الإلقاء و الحكى

Tour Guide skills
مهارات الإرشاد

Problem solving
مواجهة المشكلات

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