Pro tour guides trainer


An excellent training course in tour guiding (45 hours) given by the expert American travel agent David Schaffer in Egypt. 1980

As one of the leading local Egyptian tour guides of Grand Circle travel- US (GCT), a leading travel American agency. I accomplished the awesome training course in 2000
Another training course with (GCT). January. 2011

training of trainers (TOT) Course from Oxford training college London. 2012

A Course of Specialized Media, to improve the performance of tourist guides, reframing of archaeological information. The Syndicate of specialized Media, Trust Academy for training and Development- Cairo.2015.


Approval of the professional tour guides training program- designed by Farag El Sayed- by the German Institute for Vocational Training (Riva)- based in Germany. In Cairo certified Rep.
The program includes three main modules concerning the tour guide’s character and attitude enhancement, Tour guide Capabilities and skills and the perfection of the Tour guide performance. 2014

Certified trainer for tourist guides by the (Riva) Institute. 2014

Certified trainer for tourist guides at (AFTG) and the Arab League Organization.

Certified trainer for tourist guides by the (GVTI) the German Institute for Vocational Training – Egypt – (Riva) – Germany.

Certified Human development trainer from General Syndicate for Trainers of Human Development (GSTHD) -Cairo-Egypt.

Achievements as tour guides trainer

Twenty years of training of new guides and students of the faculties of tourism, archeology, and language, fine arts and students of Egyptian universities who are willing to work as tour guides

Conduct the field training of the new guides course provided by the union of the tour guides- Cairo-

Participate in the exam of the new tour guides in the General Union of Tour Guides in Cairo. 2013

Instructor of Tour guides skills at the Arab Federation of Tour Guides - an Arab international organization affiliated to the Council of Economic Unity under the umbrella of the Arab League organization

Planner of tour guide trainers program and workshops held in the Arab Federation of Tour Guides 2015- (40 trainers from different Arab countries}
The designer of Tourist Guidance Training Program at Aftaj Vocational Rehabilitation Center and Official Representative of the RIVA International Foundation based in Almanya GVTI - German Vocational Training Institute - AFTG

Trainer of tourism guidance at the Riva Foundation.

Certified trainer for the training of trainers of tour guides at the institution Riva