Greetings from Egypt in 2020

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I’m an Egyptian Archaeologist, Egyptologist, Professional Tourist Guide, Certified Tourist Guide consultant & trainer, scholar, author, and lecturer.

Besides, now  I’m the Secretary-general of the Arab Federation of tourist guides (AFTG) – Intentional Arab Organization under the Arab League Organization – Headquarter Office (Cairo- Egypt).

Archaeology, articles, TV programs and books

The Egyptian civilization (articles)
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The miracle of the Nile book

Professional Tour Guide courses

Technical & human development training courses

The initial training course

Introduction to the fundamentals of tour guiding career. Essential skills for tour guides

Second Training Course

Historical and general info, what kind to look for, where to find it, who to select the right info ,who and when to use it.

Third training course

Managing excursions, Communication skills. Understanding tourists. Marketing skills.

Fourth training course

Problem-solving skill. Anticipate the problems, avoid them. Dealing with critical situation.

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Egypt-Back and white

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Conducted awesome Egypt programs


Culture of Egypt, Now & then

The program includes visits to the High lights of ancient and modern Egypt, in Cairo, Giza Pyramids, Luxor, Aswan and Alexandria.


spiritual ancient Egypt

We will learn about the Ancient Egyptian culture in depth, learning about the fascinating spiritual life that priests led in their temples


Advanced ancient technology

You will not believe what you will see and learn in this tour around the Incredible monuments built by the ancient Egyptians almost 5000 years ago


I have the honor to share the beauty of Egypt with Thousands of wonderful people form all over the world, they kindly recorded their impressions about our tours together. many thanks to all of them. Hopping to see them again in Egypt.

                                                                         Farag El Sayed


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